Handmade, Hand Poured, and Made with Love!

My name is Kathryn Miles Bauer, I am ten years old and I am the owner of Curious Kathryn.
Welcome and thank you for visiting my lovely little site!

I opened Curious Kathryn in 2015, making hand-poured and handmade soy candles in mason jars. 
This was a dream come true because it combines two of my favorite things: CANDLES & MASON JARS.
With a new spring and summer collection that is fresh and beautiful, you must try them to really experience it for yourself.
My curious little company is based in Poncey-Highlands in Atlanta, Georgia and hope to see you soon!


My name is Kathryn Miles Bauer, I am 10 years old
         and I am the owner of Curious Kathryn, a candle business       made by a truly ambitious entrepreneur.

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Curious Little Shop

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