A company begins with hard work and your whole heart, and that's just what I am doing.

Big and Bold

I had an idea. A big one. To start a business.
One simple product is what I was going 
to need, but there's a second part, to figure
out what it's going to be. I questioned 
myself, "What is small, perfect for a gift
and a lovely home decor?" Answer: Candles.
Wonderful to give and receive, plus you can 
personalise it with your favourite candle scent.

About Me

I've been too caught up with everything else I didn't get to tell 
you a bit about myself. My name is Kathryn Miles Bauer and I
am nine years old. I have had a lot of experience with businesses
before. I have done bakeries and camps to get an idea of what
a business is and what the steps are. My favorite camp of all time is Break into Business. I'm into writing, baking, projects, and especially business. I have been into business since I was seven years old, when I started my first lemonade stand and bake sale.
I like the activity of business because you work hard and learn new things in life. 

Around here we don’t look backwards very long...We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
— Walt Disney

My company so far contains three simple things:

  • Curiosity & Hope.
  • Ambition & Fun.
  • Help & Support.

My candles are handmade, thoughtful and eco friendly. These candles are made with all natural ingredients that are good for the environment. I hope, in the future, my company will expand to more than just candles and also contribute to the world.

Why did I choose business of all the hobbies I could've chose from?  Well one spring break, I had the opportunity to attend an amazing business camp called "Break into Business" I had an old friend there and two other partners to work with. I realized I'm more of an independent person who likes to crreate things and make my own products. 

I decided to do a bake sale in my yard and start small, it paid off by all the learning experience I got from camp. After that, I wanted to go bigger. I was going to launch my business at the Atlanta Ice cream Festival. Over 10,000 people were going to be there. This was the next big step. I organized this website, the plan, the budget, and the area with a little help from my family. In my heart, I know this is the right thing to do.